Bizarre Game of the Month: Revenge of the Sunfish

Many-a-time I have been told that Japanese directors such as Keita Takahashi (Katamari & NobyNoby Boy), Goichi Suda (No More Heroes & Killer7) and Hideo Kojima (Policenauts & Metal Gear Solid Series) have time and time again demonstrated capacity for having wild imaginations and a taste for the bizarre. And while that may be true, I have grown desensitized to the even most seeming *nagual and chaotic elements in relatively recent console games, due to the sheer amount of oddities encountered in pc games, arcade games & imports over the past few years.

Out of sheer obsession compulsion I have decided to showcase “Revenge of the Sunfish” created by Jacob Buczynski.

What is it? UGH…It’s a game.

I promise.

It’s crude ms-paint visuals are an obvious homage to the ocean of similar meme-birthing images shared on 4chan.

The game’s “plot” centers around a galaxy under attack by a Sunfish.

The first level has thrown off a great many in the past but it’s said that the second level is a better indicator of how the rest of the game will play. Personally speaking, this is something I can vouch for. The humor will either get you going, making you curiouser and curiouser to what absurd event occurs next or you will throw your keyboard across the room in the middle of level one.

This game knows its target well so, obviously, it isn’t for everyone. Its jokes are so insular at times that I find myself questioning my web-rep. This game might as well be renamed to “Internet: The Game.”

Regardless, many retrogamers will find themselves at home as they find nostalgia in the casual and modern hardcore gamer’s inability to penetrate the purpose of such a juvenile-like product. Many might call it stupid in fact.

Funny, I recall the same being said about a plumber in red overalls fighting dinosaurs and stomping on turtles.


*Nagual: See Deleuze & Guattari “A Thousand Plateaus”

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